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PPCS LLC offers multiple services in addition to our entrepreneurial clientele. We offer our knowledge-based expertise to provide opportunities, trainings, certifications, networking, partnerships, & collaborations with our Chief Executive Officer.   


Mental Health Topics

From an EMS point-of-view...we'll discuss issues dealing with Anxiety to Xenophobia. Although these conversations are NOT to be considered therapy, we will refer anyone to our affiliate mental health professionals, to any one the the national mental health hotlines, and/or 911.


Active Violent Incidents (Active Shooter Hostile Events)

Our company will create specific Emergency Operations Plans for: Houses of Worship, Businesses, Schools, & the Community at-large (including residential) from data compiled & gathered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security & USCCA.


                   Certification & Training

Assisting someone with an uncontrolled, lethal bleed by an immediate responder (i.e. a bystander) before EMS/First Responders arrive can save lives!

Backed by & the American College of Surgeons, our company is authorized to certify all members of the public as well as "Train the Trainer" to teach their own classes using tourniquets, chest seals, hemostatic gauzes, improvised tools, and more!

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As a frequently, sought-after medical expert, our CEO (a former Nationally-certified & retired FireMedic) has appeared in & on various social media platforms including podcasts.  We will posts all links to his past & current interviews on our MEDIA page.

Be on the lookout for some our own exciting, thought-provoking, uncensored, honest podcast shows in development produced by Penton Pending Consulting Solutions LLC! 


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